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Day three at Mid Ohio!

Another perfect day weather wise. It was an early start for the enduro at 8:00am, with twenty-seven cars taking the starters flag. It was an eclectic mix of cars, everything from Mustangs, Lotus 23B’s, Alfa’s, Porsche’s, and BMW’s. Andy had a great race with Chris DeMinco in the RX7, and finished first in class and a respectable tenth overall with a best lap of 1:46.445.

Our feature race for the afternoon was at 4:00pm. Andy had a great start, passing several cars straight away, and set about hounding a gorgeous Lotus Elan. However, the fun was interrupted when the throttle cable broke on lap 3, causing a DNF. Fortunately, Andy was able to coast into the hot pits, and was not being closely followed by another competitor from behind.

All in all a fantastic weekend! SVRA put on a great event, and considering this was their fourth weekend in a row, everyone was very helpful, and the schedule was remarkably on time.

Andy checks out Jack Baumgardner’s Mini powered golf cart
Jack’s sister Norene is a certified Toybox Racing crew member!
11th on the grid for Sunday’s feature race

Day two at Mid Ohio! Weather was exceptional, sunny and a nice breeze all day with low humidity.

For Q1, Andy finished a respectable first in class and fifteenth overall, while breaking in the engine and getting re-aquatinted with the car after not driving it since 2015. On the final lap of qualifying, the gearshift knob busted off…the second time this has occurred with a KAD shifter! Fortunately Jack Baumgardner took a trip into town and brought back an aftermarket one, which looks silly but will get us through the weekend.

Next up was Race 1. Andy had a great race with a Porsche 356, and finished first in class and eleventh overall. Looking forward to the enduro at 8:00am Sunday!


Day one at Mid Ohio started under very threatening weather reports, with heavy rain, thunderstorms, and flood warnings all in the forecast! Our 15 minute practice session was at 8:00am; however we elected not to go out.  The weather didn’t improve as the day progressed, and sessions were canceled when lightning strikes started mid-morning.

The weather does look more promising for tomorrow, and we are scheduled for Q2 at 11:50am.