The B-Spec MINI Cooper project car is finally underway! The donor car is a clean low mileage base model MINI without a sunroof, perfect for conversion to a race car.

The car has a suspected head gasket issue, so first up is to remove the engine and find out what if any additional issues require attention. With the engine out, the rest of the interior and extraneous parts not needed for racing can also be removed in preparation for the cage installation.

Parts shopping list includes:
Misc. Engine Parts
Camber Plates
Sway Bar & Links
Brake Pads & Rotors
Wheel Studs
Fire System
Race Mirror
Seat & Harness
Steering Wheel

Since this is our first B-Spec build, it is great to have the existing B-Spec MINI available for reference parked in the showroom side of the shop. Building a car is also a fantastic way to get familiar with all the tools and procedures necessary to work on a particular model. We have been working on Classic Minis so long that you take for granted how much you already know, so it is a fun process to learn how to work on these cars.